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Please note this set does not include the cutting surface but the surface is needed.

The markings on your current Morton Surface are easily modified to work with this new glass shop.

Instructional videos are available online at Morton Glass, and an easy to follow instruction booklet is included.

The kit consists of:

  • 15" Cutting Bar
  • Cutter Slide
  • Angle Copy
  • Squaring Fence,
  • Fence Extension
  • Shuttle Strip
  • Squaring Blocks
  • Small Squaring Fence
  • 90° Fast Angle
  • 12" Reversible Ruler
  • Glass Stops
  • Bar Locks
  • Bar Spacer
  • Cutter Gauge
  • Angle Setting
  • 60° & 120° Fast Angles

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anne Stuart

This is really useful, it makes cutting accurate angles easy. I especially like the instructions for both right and left handed users. The cutting guides fit well into the cutting surface. I have been using mine for ages and it is just as good as new.

Jane Kennedy

This product once set up saves so much time, simple and effective, easy to use cutting (when used with cutting surface)

Lesley Forrest

This, combined with the cutting surface, is a fantastic piece of equipment. For years I was using my own, hand made, version - a cutting mat and steel ruler - but this is so much better and the cutting surface means you don't constantly snag your hands on tiny glass splinters. Fab!

Jane Steele

I bought the maxi surface which is an excellent cutting surface, and it then seemed a natural progression to get this 'cutting kit', as the parts just plug into the Morton surface. I have been cutting glass for four years and yes managed ok without this. However now I have it, I am really pleased with it. It is easy to use and extremely accurate, - No more slightly off lines or angles. I would really recommend this to those new to glass cutting as an invaluable tool, and for the more experienced cutters, I think it opens up new oportunities to create more interesting and accurate glass cuts and thereby make a wider range of exciting glass ware.