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Morton Cutting Surface - It's back and better than ever!  The heart of the system into which the other components "plug-in" is the Morton Cutting Surface. This unique moulded plastic surface allows glass chips to collect in the bottom, while leaving the cutting surface clean and scratch-free. The Surface measurements are 28.6cm x 40cm and each set contains two of these that clip together. 

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Anne Stuart

I love the way the surface collects any tiny shards of glass. I stops any mishaps to the glass and my fingers. If you use it with the Portable glass shop it makes cutting angles really easy. it just takes a bit of time to set up but it is really worth it.

Fiona Burton

I recently purchased a Morton board and use it with the Portable Shop.

The board catches all the little glass shards so that the cutting surface stays clear, protecting your work and hands !

It is worth taking the time to set up the Portable Shop system to use with the Morton board. It makes it so easy to cut accurate sizes and different shapes of glass. I wish I had bought this sooner.

Sarah Mainprise

I am just using it as a cutting mat rather than with other Morton equipment. Just a shame that there aren't any measurements marked on it as this would help with getting the glass the right size. But I love the fact that my fingers aren't full of cuts!

Jayne Carter

This work surface really does the job I don

Paula Taylor

This cutting board is brilliant. It is easy to move around and pack away leaving a clean work area.