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Glass Panel Wall Mounts - Satin Finish.  Also known as Stand Offs or Standoffs.

Elegantly mount your glass panels without the need to drill holes in your glass. 

These edge panel supports provide an easy method to wall-mount your glass panels. They are designed for hanging glass ranging in thickness from 3-8mm thick (grub screw for tightening gap included). They have a
satin aluminium finish creating a clean modern look.  A very handy item when hanging decorative glass work!

Dimensions: 33mm x 19mm (L X W) with your piece standing at least 20mm off the wall.

Holds up to 40kg in weight.

Screws, wall plugs and allen keys also included.

Also available in chrome finish.

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Besty Dunn

These are the best wall mounts I've tried. I love that they have a completely flat front and a really clean finish. They've made my work look really contemporary and expensive!

Love, love, love!