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The best and most affordable glass cutter found here in the UK!  We use this cutter all day, every day in our studio and warehouse.

Equipped with an exceptionally durable tungsten carbide wheel, this cutter automatically oils as you cut, using a simple but reliable wicking system similar to that of a ball point pen. Expertly made, Toyo cutters make a smooth score for clean breakouts. 

This is an essential for any glass artist's studio.

Please note you will need to use cutting oil with Toyo glass cutters. These cutters do not come pre-filled with oil so please select the 'with oil' option if you do not already have some. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Used to be great, terrible now.

Used toyo cutters for decades and always been great, reliable and long lasting but the last pencil and pistol grip have been terrible, the oil just floods through them both as soon as you use, making a huge mess everywhere. Gave up on both of them so will be looking elsewhere.

John Watson

Cutter arrived yesterday. I use it for 2mm picture glass, have cut 18 pieces all no problem, great little cutter at a great price.w

Jonathan Alsop

Great little cutter. I was using an older unoiled one for a while and just couldn't cut strips without breakages, switched over to this one and now much better. A new cutter makes so much difference. I used wd40 with mine as the cutting oil, works fine.

Susan Mcqueen

These Pencil Grip glass Cutters, Metal Running Pliers, and a gridded cm craft mat are all I have ever used to cut my fused glass jewellery. The other tools and grinder I bought for the purpose of glass working itself lay dusty and unused. And each Pencil Glass Cutter lasts me years of regular use making jewellery.

Neal Hartley

As a newby to this craft I wasn't willing to spend a fortune on tools but needed something that would do the job effectively. My experience so far is that this is great at scoring glass and the built in oil dispenser works well.