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Speed up the cutting time for strips, squares and rectangles with this studio glass cutter, designed to be mounted to an existing work table. Perfect for quickly preparing glass in bulk for both small and large projects.

For professionals and hobbyists alike, this durable cutter is a great addition to any studio, allowing you to cut smoothly, accurately and effortlessly each time. Also ideal for those finding it tricky to cut glass with a hand-held cutter, as you only need to concentrate on the amount of pressure applied.

Megan, our Education Co-ordinator here at Warm Glass UK recommends this product, it is a must have for any school or teaching studio, great for prepping classes quickly.

There are two sizes available:

24” Studio Cutter

  • Overall Width - 24” (609mm)
  • Maximum Cutting Width - 19” (482mm)

30” Studio Cutter

  • Overall Width - 30” (761mm)
  • Maximum Cutting Width - 25” (635mm)

Product information (for both options):

  • Cutting Head - Toyo TC-17 (included)
  • Cutter Assembly - Anodized aircraft grade aluminium
  • Precision Steel Shaft
  • Mounting Hardware included (as well as detailed instructions)
  • Limited Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty

Please note: Ruler not included.

We found it very useful to secure a small oil reservoir at one end of the cutting bar (such as a bottle cap or jar lid   with tissue paper soaked in oil) to dip the cutting head in regularly. It can rest in there while not in use.

If you would like to make this cutter portable we supply the Studio Cutter Mounting Kit which enables you to attach the cutter to a portable surface.

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