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You can make 2 snowflakes in 2 different styles with each firing. See the pdf tipsheet for details on how to use this mould.

All our moulds are designed for multiple use and with care should last for many firings.


Mould size: 23cm x 13cm.

Pendant Sizes: 9.5 cm each

Fill Weights: 20 grams of frit in each snowflake

Please note that all our moulds are hand-made and therefore the dimensions may vary slightly from those shown. Mould manufacturers allow a tolerance of up to 2cm. We strongly recommend cutting the glass to the size measured from the actual mould rather than relying solely on the dimensions shown.

Firing Schedule

Please refer to the 'Snowflakes' information sheet for the appropriate firing schedule and tips on using this mould.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kate Gibson

Very easy to use and lovely results every time.

Sonia Niquet

My next mould to get! I look forward to try it on with dichroic glass ! Sparkles!

Katja Gottschewski

I love this mould, it's fun and easy to use, and the resulting snowflakes are very beautiful. Note that the main product picture shows the small snowflake mould. This one is the one shown in the product description.

Tina Dean

For COE 90, increase casting temperature by 15ºF/8ºC

Ruth Lyne

I have been firing this almost everyday since it arrived. Combining fine and medium crystal clear frit creates a such beautiful texture. Don't forget to alter the firing schedule given on the label to one suitable for Bullseye Glass.

From Warm Glass UK: The full instructions and firing schedules for this mould are in the PDF download associated with this product.