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This circle cutter is an excellent quality tool by Silberschnitt. It has a brass arm and 6 steel wheels. A suction cup holds the cutter in position while the arm is rotating. We use this tool in our own studio and it cuts very cleanly.

It can be used to cut circles up to 61cm (24") and as small as 72mm in diameter. 

Cutting angle 130°

Grooved measurements on the bar are permanent and easy to read (metric).

Comes fitted with a blade, plus 5 replacement blades.

Looking for the ultimate circle cutting experience? We also sell the professional Silberschnitt Ball Bearing version of this cutter.

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Paul Gibson

I have recently bought this cutter and have now cut over 30 circles, virtually all of them perfect. It is very easy to use and a great addition to any studio

Claire Munday

Never thought cutting circles was going to be so easy, until I tried this during a class at Warm Glass. Needless to say, I bought one and now enjoy the thrill of being able to cut circles in different sizes!

Felicity Veazey

I've just used this for the first time, it is wonderful and I've been struggling with another brand for years.

Fiona Burton

This is worth every penny! It is easy to set up with the measurements on the arm, it stays in place thanks to the suction cup and it just glides round so easily to cut the perfect circle. The Silberschnitt scores the glass so cleanly that it is very easy to remove the circle without any breakages. I am really impressed and very pleased with my purchase.

Fiona Paterson

Just cut a perfect 40cm circle with this brilliant tool. Well worth the money - just wish I'd bought one years ago. This is a must have piece of kit. Love it!