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Please follow the instructions carefully:

  1. Put together 1 x portrait A4 sheet of images (using Microsoft Word or your preferred software) leaving at least 1cm around the edge and at least 2.5cm at the bottom of the page. Important: Please see the 'Print your own Decals' information sheet for information on suitable images.
  2. Save the A4 sheet of images on your computer as a PDF file*The file name must include your full name so we can match it with your order. Maximum file size: 2000kB (2MB)
  3. Click 'Drag & Drop your files or Browse'
  4. Select your saved document and click 'open'.
  5. Click 'ADD' to add the product to your basket (it is important that you do this after you have uploaded the file to ensure that we receive it. If you are not sure if the image was uploaded, take a look in your basket and the file name should appear beside the 'Print Your Own Decal' product).
  6. Pay for your order as normal.
  7. The image will come through to us on your order (along with any other products you have ordered).
  8. We will then print the A4 sheet and post it to you.

*You can save a file as a PDF either by choosing 'Save As..' and selecting '.pdf' as the file type, or by Choosing 'Print' and selecting 'Print to PDF' as the printer option.

Please note, if you would like to order more than one A4 sheet of the same image or different, please upload and add to basket each page separately.  If we receive more than one page in the same document we will only print the first page and you will have to re-order subsequent pages. 

Please make sure your phone number is included in your contact details in case we need to get hold of you.  

These decals are not suitable for firing onto glass with a coating e.g. iridised glass.

The images are printed in black and white and turn sepia once fused so bear in mind that dark images will not show much detail.  For more information on the photo fusing paper or to buy the paper and print decals yourself at home, please see the related products.

Fusing instructions are included.

Please ensure you have any relevant permission needed to print the images.   

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Fantastic service

Thank you so much for my decals, they are perfect!

Good but it's not A4

The instructions for this product were very clear: "Put together 1 x portrait A4 sheet of images leaving at least 1cm around the edge and at least 2.5cm at the bottom of the page. Save the A4 sheet of images on your computer as a PDF file." So I did put together an A4 PDF with the required margins. But it hasn't been printed on A4 (210x297mm): it has instead been scaled down to fit on the American "Letter" paper size (8.5x11"). So the images I had carefully arranged have now come out the wrong size. It's a shame, because otherwise it's a nice service - definitely cheaper than buying a specific laser printer! And I'm pleased to report they now supply it in a stiffened brown envelope, so it arrived in perfect condition (unlike a previous review).

Just beware the paper size issue. Might be worth checking with Warm Glass and perhaps supplying a PDF at the US Letter size instead of A4.

Leslie Lambert

Am really pleased with this. Fused high in error and they came out a bronze sepia colour and are perfect. Have made coasters and a plate with some dichroic stringers to add a bit of interest.

Kerry Frosdick

A great service and reasonably priced. The decals came out very nice. The only thing I think would improve the service is if the decal sheet came in its own plastic sleeve. Mine came in the same plastic sleeve as other consumables like frit pots. A couple of the words were scratched as the decal is quite fragile before firing so you also have to be really gentle when applying.

James Barker

This is an absolutely superb service that Warm Glass provides.

I needed some individual words for fridge magnets at a few local events and this was the absolute best (and cost effective) way of achieving this.

Use Word to create the text or images you so desire and you receive it back on fusable paper. You cut it out, soak it in clean water for a minute or so, peell off the back paper and apply the decal to your glass. A tack fuse later and voila, a perfect word, sentiment or image.

Can't wait to try this with images and more words and phrases, it really sets me apart as a glass artist at craft shows and events