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Create lamps or curved objects which can stand upright on their own, using this semi-cylindrical mould.

Bullseye Code: 8964

All our moulds are designed for multiple use and with care should last for many firings.


Size: 15.2cm x 12.4cm, depth 5.3cm

Width of glass needed to drape fully round the mould: 17cm

Please note that all our moulds are hand-made and therefore the dimensions may vary slightly from those shown. Mould manufacturers allow a tolerance of up to 2cm. We strongly recommend cutting the glass to the size measured from the actual mould rather than relying solely on the dimensions shown.

Firing Schedule

This firing recommendation has been calculated using Bullseye Glass with a thickness of 6mm in a Paragon GL24 kiln, and is courtesy of Bullseye Glass Co.

Segment 1:

Rate (°C/hr) – 167

Temp (°C) – 649

Hold – :20

 Segment 2:

 Rate (°C/hr) – 999

Temp (°C) – 482

Hold – 1:00

 Segment 3:

 Rate (°C/hr) – 56

Temp (°C) – 371

Hold – :00

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jill Chadwick

Usual great quality mould and this one is a really useful size for decorative items - cant wait to use it. Usual great service from warm glass too !

Reidun Ihle Pedersen

Love this mold! Making curves to stand on its own.

Kate Webb

This is a lovely little mould. It's simple to use and gives good results. I've just bought my second one of these so that I can slump 2 at the same time but the new one is about 1cm smaller all round. Warm Glass have explained why but it could still cause problems for me which is unfortunate. Just be aware of that!