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Choose Bullseye Glass billet for your project, an excellent choice for casters who are concerned about the safety issues in working with lead crystal.

In kiln casting, the form and particle size of the glass selected can strongly influence the appearance of the finished piece. For maximum clarity, the rule of thumb is to use the largest and thickest forms of glass. Smaller glass particles increase obscurity due to air trapped between the pieces.

Working Notes

Cold characteristics:

Consistent colour.

Working notes:

Stable. No colour shift.


Each Bullseye billet is approximately 127 x 254 x 19mm and weighs about 1.5kg.

Please note the weights of the billets can vary quite a lot so we recommend that you over-compensate if you need a specific weight.

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Joanne Barker

I bought this colour as was unable to get hold of the Grey/Blue Billet. I was not disappointed with the colour it has a beautiful shimmer to the cast piece which when you move it around you see the lavender and grey. I was some what pleased that my original colour was out of stock as I have found another colour that I am looking forward to using more of. It's subtle but yet striking.