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The set includes four discs of different grades, along with a backing disc with a 3mm shank.

Grinding Disc Grades:

Green - 60 Grit

Black - 120 Grit

Red - 200 Grit

Yellow - 400 Grit

This is an affordable way to shape and grind your work ready for re-firing or polishing. Its extremely easy to change discs over as each disc is backed by velcro.

Please note this product should only be used with a cordless tool such as the Dremel Cordless, and NOT with a plug-in model like the 3000 series, due to danger of electric shock caused by the splashing
water involved in cold-working.  

These discs should be used wet and on the slowest possible setting. The discs will work at speeds of up to 5000rpm as long as the velcro is in good condition.

Customer Reviews

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I found that after prolonged use the Velcro becomes weak even though the diamonds are still good.

I have replaced all pads with new more robust Velcro, and they are now working a dream.

Just glue the fluffy velcro onto the back of each disc using a good epoxy glue like DP460.

John Duncan

An essential set of pads, they work quickly and easily leaving a scratch free finish. I wouldn't be without a set now that I've used them.

Helen Jackson

An absolute godsend. No more hours labouring with hand held pads to remove kiln wash etc - using them in turn produces a lovely finish in a fraction of the time. Can't recommend highly enough