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This excellent value kit contains:

1 x Toyo Cutter, this is the cutter we prefer to use here at Warm Glass

1 x 50ml Cutting Oil

1 x Economy Running Pliers, an invaluable tool great for breaking glass

1 x Contemporary Fused Glass Book- an excellent introduction to glass fusing by the fantastic Brad Walker, with lots of inspiring photographs

1 x Glass Fusing Glue, great for keeping things in place prior to firing

4 x sheets of Thinfire Paper, 25cmx25cm, for a smooth finish to the bottom of your kiln-fired work,

1 x 150g COE90 Random Dichroic- a great way to try out dichroic glass on black and clear

1 x 500g COE90 decorative glass saver pack- Great for experimenting with the decorative glass

1 x 500g COE90 Bullseye Student pack- Great for experimenting with Bullseye glass colours

1 x Frit Selection - samples of 8 different colours in different grades.

1 x pack of approx. 30 1mm Mixed Bullseye stringers

1 x Safety Goggles- vital when working with glass

1 x Cutting L-square- 32.5 x 17.5cm

1 x 50g Bullseye confetti- Confetti enables you to create a massive variety of eye-catching and unique patterns within your glass work design

1 x Mega Tekta Saver Pack- ten pieces of 3mm bullseye coe90 tekta glass 10 x 10cm - perfect size to make coasters.

Looking for a bigger kit containing just glass? Try the Bullseye Studio Fuser Pack.

New to Glass Fusing? Learn all you need to know to get started with the 'Beginners Fusing Course' available to purchase at the Glass School.

Customer Reviews

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Michelle Wilson

Fantastic starter kit & would highly recommend for the beginner.

Philip Cox

I was so surprised when i received my starter kit , So many beautiful samples of glass, frit, confetti and stringers to use.

It kinda daunted on me a little at how much of a learning curve it was. But the book and a little experimenting helped.

Have to admit cutting and breaking glass i struggled a little but finding out that the cutting oil goes into Toyo cutter helped. Now i score and break with ease.

Ive only got a tiny Prometheus Kiln which limits me to what size i can fuse. But still it works well with glass and silver clay.

i have fused successfully about 5 pieces, with the help of the book that was supplied and also youtube videos.

I will keep going to as i really do enjoy fusing glass and soon slumping. Thanks again for the kit well worth the money.

Karen Davies

As a complete beginner I was happy to find a kit claiming to contain everything I needed to get started. I did find scoring and breaking glass to be a lot harder than it looked on youtube. It was traumatic when my pretty art glass shattered into useless shards. Wish someone had told me to practice on old window glass first. I would recommend adding the basic breakers, and the Morton mini cutting surface and portable glass workshop.

Richard Nash

Have just got a Paragon SC3 for annealing lampwork beads so thought I would also have a go at fusing. Bought this as it seemed ideal. And have to say is a really good start. But like most starter kits for me always wanted more. But it is a very good pack. The book is really good, but so far have to admit to just seeing what I can do without following any instructions. So far have made 6 coasters and am very pleased with the results. I can only imagine if I actually followed the instructions what I could actually do...but being a bloke I have of course so far ignored them. My main issue which will be resolved with much more practice is cutting the glass and getting what I want. But so far played with Frit and powders and liquid stringer and am having alot of fun. This is a very good start as does give you a very good amount of glass and accessories to get you going

Matt Pope

I bought this during the 12 days of Christmas offer so not only did I get this wonderfully exciting package filled with loads and loads of goodies, it was significantly cheaper too! Honestly, I was like a child at Christmas when this was delivered, as it was cheaper I was able to buy the two student packs, clear and coloured glass. So, I am pretty well set up for a time of experimentation and playing!