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Developed by Rudi Gritsch, the G-Manu helps you make quick and accurate cuts of repeated shapes and patterns.

Increase productivity and open up new design possibilities for your work with this versatile tool.

Includes positioning magnets and strips, plus a plastic ruler.

Additional curved rulers, magnets and an extension kit are available to buy from us separately.

Suitable for either right- or left-handed use.

Glass cutter not included. Use with any hand held glass cutter, such as the Toyo Pencil Grip. 

Size: 10" x 19.75" (25 x 50 cm).

Customer Reviews

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Robert Page

An immediate disappointment is that my unit was supplied with a metric and not imperial magnetic rule (both would have been good). I have had immediate success with cutting a thin strip of black glass which given the cold conditions in the garage where I work is normally difficult. I have bought the extension kit as i'm planning on buying bigger half sheets in the future.

Tony Smith

To be honest I'm a bit disappointed. Bought this as a birthday present for my wife, but couldn't seem to get the magnets to fit in the channel. Then read the bit of paper that said you shove them in hard to avoid slippage, but you don't do this at the top so it looks like an error in design.

Then when you've got the magnets in the channel you put the ruler across and find that the channel is quite a bit higher than the other side of the board, so the ruler doesn't lay flat on the glass all the way along, which seems a bit schoolboy again.

And - annoyingly. - the black plastic covers come off the magnets all the time.

So all in all a surprisingly amateurish bit of design...

Vanessa Thompson-Lowe

I had this for Christmas after watching the video. I've only used it for straight cuts so far but it's already saved me time and I now get accurate size pieces of glass. Great when cutting coasters. I'm really looking forward to doing some more intricate pieces with this system.


It really does safe time and increases accuracy for repetative cutting.

Lynn Brunt

I have been using this for cutting 3mm and upwards small pieces of glass for jewellery and am a complete fan. I tried other systems but they were not suitable for such small pieces and I ended up getting cut by shards falling through grids. With this tool it makes repetitive cutting so simple and the film clips really help as you can watch over and over if you forget how to place the glass.... it helps in the beginning. Its simple and so effective I am now cutting all my glass up ready for use and finding it so much less wasteful as everything is cut accurately.