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Create your own sheets of paper-like glass using powders, enamels or frits and cut/ tear/shape it before fusing to create amazing effects.  Or mix it with powders to create a pourable 'glass liquid' to make threads of fusible glass.  The applications for this new material are still being discovered so come and experiment with us!

Take a look at the video and PDF Tipsheet for more information on this unique product.  Please note all temperatures on instruction sheet are in Fahrenheit. 

If you are buying Flexi-Glass for the first time, we would recommend that you also purchase a transfer sheet (select from the options above).  The transfer sheets are re-usable and essential for using the Flexi-Glass. 

Please note you will need to purchase some isopropyl alcohol to use with this if you'd like to make glass threads. The isopropyl alcohol is also good for cleaning the transfer sheet before use. 

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Sarah Yapp

It's not suitable for microwave kilns. Even just a few minutes and it was melted and giving off awful fumes. Waste of money for me unfortunately

Crishna Simmons

I used this to mix two separate colours of mica (Aztec gold and Sparkle silver white) then dribbled them together on a Teflon baking sheet and created a sheet of marbled mica. Looks amazing! The thinner the better (can be a bit bubbly otherwise) and looks amazing when creating pendants!


I used to hate working with Mica, but Flexi-glass makes working with mica a pleasure!

Vyvienna Rathbone

This is an absolutley fantastic product. You can make colours that no one else has made making your artwork individual and unique. I LOVE it!