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It's rare that you'll need to replace your lid but in the event that you do, its easy to replace it instead of getting a new kiln. The most common reason for people replacing their kiln lid is if they accidentally drop the lid when not propped up correctly. Please note you will need to drill the holes in the bracket in order to attach it to the base of your kiln. This is easily done with a household drill. This lid includes the elements.

Please see instructions to download under the image.  These instructions are for replacing a Skutt Hotstart lid or a Firebox 14 lid.

This lid comes with a 12 month warranty.

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Sarah Quick

Having enlisted the help of my father to fit the lid (his DIY skills are better than mine), it was easy to take the old lid off and the instructions that are included are very easy to follow to fit the new one on. Connecting the element wires was the only trickey bit and it took us about an hour. You could do it on your own but it was easier with two.

Jan Smith

Replaced the lid on my Firebox 14 after seven years of loyal service from my original lid it was suffering from a clear case of old age. Straight forward instructions made this a stress free experience with basic DIY tools. The packaging was very comprehensive so my new lid arrived in tip top condition. And after a quick test firing I feel like I have a brand new kiln :-)

Matthew Bayley

Superb packaging! Great to know that a big crack in the lid doesn't mean the scrapheap for a great kiln.

Can be a bit fiddly to fit - I would suggest you need a power drill with a cross head and flat head fixing, a ~2.5mm metal drill bit to drill pilot holes (I guess a centre punch would have done the job) and some wire cutters. Took an hour or so to do and completed by someone with basic DIY skill.

Warm Glass - we have used a hammer and sharp nail to pilot the holes when we have done it, which is fast and effective.