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This third book in the ‘StripCut Reimagined’ series shows you how to make spectacular, undulating patterns from simple strips of glass. You will learn how the beautiful, intriguing designs are made and importantly WHY the flowing patterns emerge from ordinary straight glass strips.

7 beautiful and dramatic StripCut projects are illustrated with step-by step directions, photos, and diagrams that teach you how to break down visually complex patterns into easily understood steps. Suitable for all level of experience!


  • 115 pages of comprehensive instructions
  • Over 235 photos and diagrams
  • Step-By-Step instructions
  • Complete Materials List
  • Full firing schedules in both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Vitrum Studio Tips

Vitrum Studio, created by Judith Conway and Kevin O’Toole, has gained an international reputation for excellence in kiln formed glass, providing advice and inspiration to thousands of students over the years.

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