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The 3M™ 6000 Drop Down Series is the latest innovation in half facepiece design.

The mask incorporates a unique drop down head harness system so that workers leaving the contaminated area can more easily communicate without totally removing the respirator.

Features include:

  • Three-way safeguard against a wide variety of gas, vapour and particulate hazards via the interchangable filters (supplied with particulate filters). See data sheet for details. European Standard EN140:1998
  • Reusable, economical solution to respiratory protection
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Comfortable. Hypoallergenic facepiece material
  • Latex free
  • Includes 1 set of filters (Filter 2135, suitable for filtration of particulates- fine dust and mists. European Standard EN143-2000, AFP20).

Size: Medium

Advice from 3M regarding filter changes: 3M recommends that all filters should be changed after a maximum of one calendar month irrespective of the use pattern, this relates to the maintenance record requirement laid down in legislation. Within that time frame you would also change a particle filter if it clogs and it becomes difficult to breathe, and a gas filter would be changed if odour breakthrough occurs.

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Claire Wood

an essential bit of kit in my books! i used to buy the cheap ones but this fits much better, its a lot more comfortable and i feel much safer knowing i've got a quality dust mask, five stars!