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This mask is recommended if you are working in an environment which is likely to have very small but harmful dust particles in the air, for example, working with glass powders or cleaning out kilns.

The adjustable straps make this mask more comfortable than the economy dust masks.

Tested to EN149:2001 safety standard, this FFP3 premium mask offers protection against all dusts, mists and fumes based on water or oil (n.b. not gases, vapours or solvents).

Valved with adjustable elastic straps and comfort face seal.

Latex free.

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Liz Hecht

I bought the pack of ten and am so pleased I did! The masks are comfortable to wear with a soft slightly rubberised rim around the edge fitting the face and great adjustment with the sturdy elastic pull tape.

Best of all though, they really do prevent your glasses steaming up which, as a glasses wearer, is just such a breakthrough to be able to keep working! Thanks for stocking them WarmGlass!

Christine Boston

These dust masks are great. Much more comfortable to wear than the cheaper option and even better my glasses don't get steamed up. Definitely worth paying that little bit more for.

Zena West

I've previously been using the economy face masks but decided to upgrade due to increased working with powders. What a difference a couple of pounds makes! With the adjustable straps this is so much more comfortable, the rubber edging feels like it's more secure and keeping more out, and MOST importantly your breath exits through the valve on the front, rather than all around the edges, meaning it doesn't steam up your glasses or safety goggles. Finally I can see what I'm doing!!