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This pack most economical way to buy dichroic glass. It may include textures, patterns and colours but we cannot guarantee what the ratio of these will be - it's a lucky dip!

Please note that these are very small pieces of dichroic suitable for mosaic or jewellery uses - Size is random and assorted.

About Dichroic Glass: Dichroic is a multi-layer coating placed on glass using a technical process known as thin film coating. Dichroic glass has a transmitted colour and a completely different reflective colour; these two colours shift depending on the angle of view. The play of light together with its vibrant colour makes Dichroic glass a prime tool to add interest to any kiln glass work. 

CBS have been manufacturing this product longer than anyone in the business and their Dichroic glass is Bullseye compatible and is consistently of high quality.

Quarter Sheet Sizing: 

Quarter sheets of Dichroic glass are a quarter of a circle. The area of a quarter sheet is around 450 sq cm, which is about the same area as 4.5 10x10cm sheets.

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).

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Bling factor

Measurements are approximate...received 4 small on black 5x3cm , a longer slim on black 2x7cm with another bigger pieces on black 6x5cm. In addition, there were clear pieces. Two 5x4cm and three 7x9cm. Great mix of colours and patterns. Ideal for adding small pieces to your work. I love the bling factor!

Susan Fage

Wow!!!! What a great little bag of goodies...perfect for jewellery making, and pops of colour in larger pieces...will definitely be ordering more!! Great value.

Veronica Barton

I had a delivery of a pack earlier this month but mine didn't look anything like this. There were only three pieces of textured dichroic, the rest were fairly boring plain pieces. It's a shame, I would have been over the moon if it had looked like this. At £39.18 it's not cheap!
WARM GLASS RESPONSE: I'm very sorry you were unhappy with your pack. Our Customer Services team will be in contact with you to resolve this.

Helen Robey

I was after the patterns on clear, unfortunately it was out of stock,so I ordered a mixed option(black and clear).

When pack arrived I received 9x piece on clear and 10x on black all approx 2-3cm square. Was pleasantly surprised at amount you get.

Will definitely purchase again.

Thank you Warm Glass

Laura Mcdowell

I brought this pack as I'm new to glass fusing. This little pack is great for beginners. I'm yet to understand the colours you will get once fired, but my first piece turned out beautifully. I'm very pleased with the vibrant colours!