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Mix this copper oxide with water or Glastac Glue and either paint or spray onto glass before firing.  

Apply between glass layers. Less is more, so this pot will go a long way. Great value!

Once fired it will create wonderfully random blue bubbles. Experiment to get the look you want.

Generally, the copper oxide gets darker with density and if applied very thinly will give a lighter turquoise.

Looking for a lighter, more vibrant blue bubble? Try the Glassline Bronze Patina Bubble Pen.

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Kelvin Mayes

Used this product for the first time today and experimented with it, so impressed with the results and the ease of using the powder. Others have said it already, use thin sprinkles and you'll get lovely blue bubbles.

Not sure if this powder was the reason but I added some copper foil elements as an inclusion too and they went a gorgeous metallic blue whereas it usually turns a rusty red. Gorgeous!

Monica Lock

I struggled to get the right effect until I mixed one part copper oxide with 6 parts clear frit powder. I sprayed the base glass with hairspray, sifted the powder mix on and topped with top glass; perfect every time.

Sarah Keeley

Received a sample of this with my last order, did a test tile, and all I can say is WOW fantastic results - just ordered a pot!

Frank Brook

For a deeper blue (rather than turquoise) add a SMALL amount of cobalt oxide. Now that Warm Glass are delving into "hot clay" products, maybe they'll add cobalt oxide. Hint.

Angela Thompson

This product is one of my favourite with my students. we mix a small amount with water and sponge it onto the glass in a very fine layer before sandwiching. Brilliant for sea scenes and always a winner.