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Use it to make the smallest and thinnest of circular gems that work well for jewellery, especially earrings and accent pieces.

16 pods in a mould.

All our moulds are designed for multiple use and with care should last for many firings.


Mould Size: 14.5cm x 14.5cm x 1cm.

Pod Size: 1.9cm x 0.6cm. 

Fits in both the HotStart Pro and SC2 kilns.

Please note that all our moulds are hand-made and therefore the dimensions may vary slightly from those shown. Mould manufacturers allow a tolerance of up to 2cm. We strongly recommend cutting the glass to the size measured from the actual mould rather than relying solely on the dimensions shown.

Firing Schedule

See the Small Pod Mould Guide pdf for more details. This schedule is a guideline and you should adjust it to suit your particular kiln, or for different thicknesses of glass:

Segment 1:

Rate (°C/hr) – 176

Temp (°C) – 676

Hold – 10min

 Segment 2:

 Rate (°C/hr) – 999 (AFAP)

Temp (°C) – 775

Hold – 10-20 min

Segment 3:

 Rate (°C/hr) – 999

Temp (°C) – 515

Hold – 30-60min

Segment 4:

 Rate (°C/hr) –30

Temp (°C) – 370

Hold –

Customer Reviews

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Alyson Cadman

This has been a hit and miss mould for me. I made the big mistake of using a wash rather than a spray initially (because I'd run out). It can produce great results but a lot of accuracy on weight is required in the filling. I've used it to make 'eyes' for my fish as well as decorations and earrings.