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Glass artists love working with streakies because of the uniquely expressive possibilities. No two streaky sheets look alike, or transmit light in exactly the same way.3mm fusible sheet glass.

Constituent Glass:

Woodland Brown Opalescent - 0203

Black Opalescent - 0100

Ivory (non-standard production)

Working Notes

See Constituent Glass for working notes.

This style may not reveal (or strike to) its target colour
until fired.

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Linda Kirby

This is such a lovely rich streaky brown when fired, much nicer than the photo. Not the easiest to cut but well worth the effort, I'm still going to give it five stars as I love it so much.

Susan Mcqueen

I almost start to drool over quite a few of these streakies, and I have had a piece of this colour which was gorgeous for jewellery making. I have used up every last morsel, sold every piece, and my only regret is that you don't sell all these gorgeous streakies and other combos of colour and texture in 10cm x 10cm sizes for your overseas customers as the postage would make it too expensive.