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Also available in full sheet size (61cm x 122cm). See seperate product.

Economical, lead-free, Crystal Clear sheets. Large format clear Bullseye glass, ideal for use as base glass or as a cover glass, this is an economical alternative to double-rolled.

This is a non-lead clear glass which fires pure bright and very clear with no green tint.  Recommended for silver clay work as there is less chance of a yellow appearance around the metal upon firing.

This bullseye glass product is manufactured on large rollers and is slightly more consistent than the 1401 double rolled crystal clear, it also has very few bubbles and is therefore more optically clear when fused.

Why choose Tekta? Because it's:
• Affordable
• Flatter and more uniform
• Trimmed on all sides (no waste)
• Available in a range of thicknesses—3 mm, 4 mm, and 6 mm
• Bullseye compatible

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Working Notes

Cold Characteristics:

Brilliant colourless clear.

Working notes: 

When fired over coloured glass, allows more pure, true hue of base colour to show. Especially true in thicker sections.

Customer Reviews

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John Duncan

Absolutely superb as a cap glass on jewellry pieces you're going to grind at the edges. After grinding a quick polish of the edges with a dremel, a felt bob and some diamond paste then a fire polish in the kiln. Beautiful clear edges and not as much works as it sounds.

Pauline Witham

Such brilliant offers that come up regularly. I'm always tempted. The Tekta base glass packs are brilliant. Just ordered myself some more.

Thank you too for such prompt service and the delivery rates are excellent.