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Rods can be used in torchworking and kilnforming, and add an exciting difference to glass work. Drawn from compatible Bullseye Glass, each rod is approximately 42cm long and 4-6mm in diameter.  

Please note dense white opal rods are not recommended for fusing.

*Please note this rod colour is 'T' Grade - not recommended for kilnforming, torchwork only. 

Working Notes



May React with:

Selenium and Sulphur

Cold Characteristics:

Consistent colour

Working Notes:

Torch: 0313 opacifies when used in the flame. Is whitest when used as a core bead. It is more prone to reduction than other Bullseye styles. Keep it white by working with it in a slightly oxidizing atmosphere. Sometimes small bubbles are evident while the glass is molten, but these typically are not visible in the cold rod or the finished work.

Kiln: 'T' Grade - not recommended for kilnforming. Firing above 1500oF/815oC for more than 15 minutes or firing slowly between 1250oF/677oC and 1500oF/815oC may result in an unstable glass.

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).