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Discover new favourite colours and experiment with these 1.5kg packs, the most economical way to buy Bullseye Glass.

Use the pieces for a whole range of great projects, including jewellery, mosaics, potmelts, slumping designs and many more.

This pack may contain a mix of 2mm, 3mm, Opal, Transparent, Streaky and/or Iridised. Each piece is a random offcut that will vary in size and shape, but on average will be no bigger than 5cm x 3cm. For larger pieces see our Student Pack range.

Please note: These packs may contain striker glasses which means they will appear pale or colourless until “striking” to the target colour after firing. The pack will primarily contain brown glass, but due to the nature of “strikers” we cannot guarantee that other colours will not be included.

Limited stock: We are only able to make a limited number of these packs at a time. If it is out of stock, please use the 'Notify me when in stock' button and we will email you as soon as it is available again.

Working Notes

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).

Customer Reviews

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Thought it was a good idea...

Thought it would be nice to get a selection of pinks/purples - bad idea. A few years ago the student packs were great value, generally reasonable sized pieces and a variety of shades. This pack contained lots of very small pieces, way smaller than described in the narrative, everything was filthy, and there were numerous pieces of blue. If I'd wanted blue I'd have bought the cheaper blue pack. Won't be doing that again.

Mostly same

This was mostly all the same 2 colours pale pink and a mauve purple. Not a real selection. A lot of glass and some big bits just not a mix of colours. I agree with other review buy 10x10 squares and choose the colours you like.

Karen Peek
Pink tub

I was really disappointed with this product. Having finally made the plunge to pay for the pinks that are more expensive but would be worth it for the different hues. I was horrified to find 3/4 of the tub was made up of one colour .Pale opal pink. I would not buy again


Received this quite a while ago, but gutted as too much off white, pale pink. I didnt report this to WG as this had never happened before, but since receiving 2 tubs of brown with mostly French vanilla, I did, but I feel these packs are a bit hit and miss so won't buy again.

Lesley Lanning

I was thrilled to finally be able to order pink and purple offcuts on offer as packs of these more expensive colours are rarely available. Although there was some variety of colours the pieces were mostly very, very small indeed. It may have been more sensible to have just bought a selection of 10cm squares - I've learned my lesson