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These paper-thin shards of glass can be fused over or between sheets - to provide random shapes and patterns or used for shading and other types of colour blending. Confetti enables you to create a massive variety of eye-catching and unique patterns within your glass work design.

Working Note

Cold characteristics: 

Consistent colour.

Working notes: 

Opalises slightly upon firing. 

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Susan Fage

On my second batch of this. Fantastic colour with a great shimmer, use mine at Christmas for holly and trees!

Carol Dilley

This is a fabulous product. It has an amazing shimmer and you can break it up and crush it smaller. It picks up the light amazingly, I love to add other shades of the summer with it like the opal pinks. It is a must have in your studio.