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The glass may be 2mm, 3mm or a mixture.  Pieces are roughly 5-10cm long and 3-8cm wide.

Warning! Please note these packs may contain striker glasses which means that they will appear pale or colourless and "strike" (change) to the target colour only after firing.

May also include a few decoratives and irids.

Available in either 500g bags or 1.5kg tubs.

For longer strips of glass, try the Opal and Transparent Strip Saver Pack.

Working Notes

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).

Customer Reviews

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Lack of colour

I normally love these however I have recently purchased 8 jars. i have emptied them to sort to my colour drawers how I usually do. To my disappointment, I found the jars overloaded with green and blue, out of all 8 jars I had 4 pieces of red, 6 pieces of yellow and some minimal scraps of other colours. When purchasing those I was also after a jar of green which I couldn't purchase as they were showing out of stock yet this lot was loaded with it, makes no sense. I was after colourful selection and that is not what I have received.
Having purchased them before I do have something to compare it to and although I understand and am well aware that specific colours are not guaranteed, this is sold as "colour glass student pack". My students had nothing to choose from on this occasion. Very disappointing and waste of money sadly. I have been offered to return it all but being that I have emptied all the jars as mentioned, putting it all back would be somewhat of a task I was not willing to undertake to waste more time.
I love all your stuff, I love my bullseye glass and YOU CAN DO MUCH BETTER THAT WARM GLASS and I truly hope you will.

Great colours & service but never enough variety

Bought a few of these packs now but every time i have purchased i end up with the same colours each time. Not good if you are hoping to get some completely new colours you haven't used before. Great service

Good selection

I have bourght these student packs before and I have always been impressed. the latest 1.5kg pack arrived securely packaged in a caroboard box, rather than the previous reused bulk frit plastic bottles. This meant that all the glass pieces were of a similar size and mainly rectangular, where previously I recieved some smaller and odd shaped samples.

As always, a good selection of colours, including transparent, opals and irids.

Disappointed with clear transparent pieces incuded

Disappointed that 5 10x9.5cm clear transparent pieces were included in this pck, particularly as it's a colour pack. This limited the number of colour pieces I expected. Sad to be disappointed


Great range of colours. Useful sizes too.