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Discover new favourite colours and experiment with these 1.5kg packs, the most economical way to buy Bullseye Glass.

Use the pieces for a whole range of great projects, including jewellery, mosaics, potmelts, slumping designs and many more.

This pack may contain a mix of 2mm, 3mm, Opal, Transparent, Streaky and/or Iridised. Each piece is a random offcut that will vary in size and shape, but on average will be no bigger than 5cm x 3cm. For larger pieces see our Student Pack range.

Please note: These packs may contain striker glasses which means they will appear pale or colourless until “striking” to the target colour after firing. The pack will primarily contain brown glass, but due to the nature of “strikers” we cannot guarantee that other colours will not be included.

Limited stock: We are only able to make a limited number of these packs at a time. If it is out of stock, please use the 'Notify me when in stock' button and we will email you as soon as it is available again.

Working Notes

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
buy blue get pink/purple striker

I love the offcuts for what I do but this particular one you have to be extremely careful if your project meant to be blue.

I'm my recent one there was more pink, purple strikers than blue, it ruined my project.

I love the selection of shades where they are actually blue and have ordered more which I'm going to carefully separate as much as I can(Which I shouldn't have to do) and if I happen to miss any strikers and it ruins another project then I will no longer be buying this option. Blue should be blue shades just like the other colours are corresponding shades and beautiful. Perhaps you should make another variety of curious strikers option offcuts, it would be great for experimenting and let blue be blue PLEASE.

Contained purple strikers and too many small (under 1.5" ) pieces that were not useful

The purple strikers turned red - which was awful in a seascape and the small pieces were useless for anything other than making 'dots'

Philip Bramhill

Bought twice, first time a great selection of blues. But second time beware - MAY CONTAIN PURPLE STRIKERS. not good when you are using it to create a batch of mixed blue frit. Whole batch wasted. Ended up with a purple spotted sea. Not pleased.

Stu Andrews

I recently bought 3 tubs of offcuts in different colours. 2 of them were great with good variety. Unfortunately the blue consisted only of transparent in 3 colours, of which, the predominent colour appears to be a dark plum kind of colour. I understand these are offcuts and it's the chance you take. It wouldn't put me off trying again and as I say, the rest were fine as have been all other items purchased from WG.

Kate Gibson

This jar was a great combination with lots of variation and some fantastic colours. I will be ordering more of the these mixed glass jars as they are really useful for my style of work and a great way to try out some new colours.