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Also available as full sheets (61cm x 122cm), and crates of 66 full sheets - see separate products.

Ideal for use as base glass or as a cover glass, this is an economical alternative to double-rolled. Available in sizes from 10cm x 10cm up to a full sheet: 61cm x 122cm (see seperate product for full sheet size).

Please note that 60 x 40cm sheets are more economical than one 61 x 122cm sheet, due to the packaging required when shipping.

This Bullseye glass product is manufactured on large rollers and is slightly more consistent than the 1101 double rolled clear, it also has very few bubbles and is therefore more optically clear when fused.

Available in 3mm, 4mm and 6mm thicknesses.  

Why choose Tekta? Because it's:
• Affordable
• Flatter and more uniform
• Trimmed on all sides (no waste)
• Available in a range of thicknesses—3 mm, 4 mm, and 6 mm
• Bullseye compatible

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Working Notes

Cold Characteristics:

Very faint green tint when viewed on edge.

Working Notes: 

Stable. No colour shift.

Customer Reviews

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Customer (United Kingdom)
Tekta Feedback

I have been purchasing this product for several years, increasingly I feel disappointed about Quality issues. I order weekly , and it's almost weekly that I am disappointed to notice chipped and poorly cut edges, and often rust marks. It's a shame because these issues don't need to be there.

Never a right angle to be found....

I have been buying these sheets for well over ten years and am increasingly annoyed by the fact that the edges are never straight. I have to trim every sheet for the pieces that I make, which is waste that shouldn't be occurring in sheets marked as 'trimmed on all sides (no waste)'. Add to that the constant rust marks and it is not exactly a pleasure to work with these days.

Janice Ashworth

Always well wrapped and I've never had any real damage. Great value especially some of the larges sizes. It cuts and fires incredibly well

Ruth Lyne

A perfect base glass but just be aware that as an American company, Bullseye sizes in inches but in their descriptions, Warm Glass have to use centimetres.

Marc Fresko

I do agree with all the 5* reviews as far as the quality of the glass goes. I am very happy with Tekta, I use it and rely on it without any problems whatsoever.

But I have given only 3 stars because of a problem affecting the 30 x 30cm size. When I ordered some, assuming I could use them with a 30 x 30 mould, I found that one was 30.5 x 30.5; and the other was not even a square or rectangle, with three sides being 30.5cm and the fourth 31cm! This caused me considerable bother - you can imagine trimming off such narrow strips. I appreciate that the larger sizes have wavy edges. And to be fair, Warm Glass nowhere claims that 30 x 30 actually is 30 x 30 - but it really should be as they are cut especially.