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Lustres can be fired on the top surface of glass.

These lustres are ready to use from the bottle but stir carefully before use with a thin implement. Use a quality soft haired brush, liner brush or fluid writer pen for application. If you are using more than one colour it is important to ensure there is no cross-contamination so use separate application products for each product.  

 Your glass should be clean and dry before application, brush evenly for best results being careful not to overload with the lustre, a little goes a long way! Allow to dry completely before placing in the kiln.

 This product may be hazardous or harmful to health so please read the label carefully, full MSDS information is available on our website. Wear a FFP3 mask when applying and ensure you are in a well-ventilated room when using.

Lustre is applied to your glass piece at the very last stage. The lustre acts as the finishing touches to your piece and is the last firing for your piece. Lustre and our Screen Easy enamel can be applied and fired in the same firing.

Segment 1:

Rate (°C/hr) – 222

Temp (°C) – 677

Hold – 0:30

 Segment 2:

 Rate (°C/hr) – 333

Temp (°C) – 704

Hold – 0:10

 Segment 3:

 Rate (°C/hr) – 999

Temp (°C) – 482

Hold – 2:00

Segment 4:

Rate (°C/hr) – 83

Temp (°C) – 371

Hold – End

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