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Glassline pens are a lining and shading material for glass and are simple in design, easy to use and can be thinned with water.

Use with the tip set for accurate drawing and writing, or simply use exactly like paints, applying with a brush.

The pens may be applied between multiple layers of glass or on the top surface for a complex dimensional look.

The pens may also be sprayed to create subtle shading variations.

Compatible with most types of glass including float, CoE90 and CoE96. Glassline pens fire to a full fuse temperature of 790ºC to 820ºC.

Glassline paints are lead free and food safe.

2oz Bottle.

Customer Reviews

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Not a true black

Very reasonable price for the quantity in the bottle, and it is super easy to apply, when used with the tip kit. But I was very disappointed with the colour, after firing on full fuse. It was a flat dark grey. I wanted to put in fine detail on my pieces and wanted it to be compatible against the black elements of glass in the piece. I'm now looking for an alternative pen type.

Emma Carter

I found this product really easy to use. I bought several colours and have used them to produce detailed paintings.

I love the fact that the colours can be mixed together to create totally unique shades and work.

I suggest buying a tip kit if you want detailed work.

Highly recommended

Bettina Bischof

Very good consistency and opacity. Can be applied very well with the paint cannulas.

Kjell Bull-Sveen

I really enjoyed this, and it works well in my microwave kiln.

Helen Lake

Black is the most used colour in my collection of Glassline pens. I use it to personalise my glasswork with names and phrases etc to meet bespoke orders. Once dried to grey I can scrape out areas or clean up outlines using a cocktail stick (and a lot of patience!). Over time you may find the bottle clogs up or the glassline is too thick. Firstly try standing the bottle in warm water for a few minutes then shake. But if that still doesn't work just add a few drops of water into the bottle, give the Glassline a very good shake and it will revitalise the product without fading the black after kilning. Not too much water though!