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This waterslide decal is a great way to add colour to your glass work.  

Why not try with our punches to create colourful shapes or cut out your own design to add personalised detail to your work.  They are extremely easy to use and come with instructions.  

Please note that these will appear transparent unless fired on opaque glass.  

Try using a silicone rib to smooth out any air bubbles between the decal and glass before firing. 

Each piece is roughly 33cm x 23cm.

Firing temperature for glass: 760-804°C.

If your decal contains pink or red we recommend venting your kiln in the heating process (on the way up) for best results.

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Sarah Keeley

I have been using black decals using a cutting machine for intricate designs firing on to white opal and have achieved outstanding results. There has not been much change in the decal black sheet colour and the black once fired. The designs slide nicely off the backing sheet, even with intricate cuts. I fire these to a tack fuse and have not had any issues at all.

Geraldine Kaminski

I get great results with this product using various punches to add shapes to enhance my glasswork.