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The Beetle Bits Cutting System offers a quick compass guide for the most popular shapes and angles, easy-adjust stops for non-slip positioning and adjustable angle rests.

Cut accurate strips, squares, diamonds, trapezoids and all other geometric shapes more efficiently. Works perfectly with your favourite glass cutter or you can elevate your cutting speed and ability by purchasing the Flying Beetle Glass Cutter designed to aid scoring angles and straight edges (sold separately).

Please note this set does not include the cutting surface but the surface is needed (sold separately)

System includes:

  • Oil well
  • Adjustable-angle rests
  • Directional Glass Stops
  • 90 Degree Straight Edge
  • Straight Edge Swivel
  • Compass Dial
  • Ruler Positioner
  • 24” Zero Mark Ruler
  • 23” Straight Edge

We would recommend purchasing the Flying Beetle Glass Cutter to get the most out of this versatile system.

Want to upgrade your studio permanently for repetitive cuts? Try the Studio Glass Cutter as recommended by our Education Team at Glass School.

Customer Reviews

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Great system

I purchased this to help with cutting glass for my workshops, I previously did it all by hand with a ruler, straight edge and lots of sharpie marks. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it's a great system. I've only just got to grips with using the angles, and it makes cutting triangles a breeze. My only regret is not getting the flying beetle at the same time. That's probably going to be my next purchase.

The Cutting System

I bought the system nearly three weeks ago including the cutting surface. I am the first to admit that I m not the best at maths working out angles so I thought this would help. Firstly I was disappointed to find I can't use the 60 x 40 sheets on it so I have had to keep my original strip cutter and rubber mat which I had hoped this would replace so now I have 2 cutting areas instead of the one. There is no cm measure on the ruler so I have had to attach a tape measure with this on it. The stops that hold the glass in place aren't easy to put in and remove so I ve put vaseline on them to stop them sticking. I wish now I d just bought a replacement for my schberscnitt cutter which gave my 15 years service and is less than half the price.

2 things to bear in mind

It'll fit on the Morton grid.
It takes up a lot of space to swing the 'arm' around.

Needs space

Works well on my Morton grid! However, the cutting edge is nearly 2 foot long! So takes up, for me, too much space on my work surface!