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Success in coldworking your glass art is often down to choosing the right tools. Hard-wearing diamonds are long-lasting and ideal for grinding glass. The diamond abrasive is resin bonded to a flexible rigid foam backing in a precise dot pattern for supreme durability and cutting uniformity. The open dot pattern permits debris and swarf to escape, so the diamonds keep cutting fast and sharp.

Made by 3M these are the best quality diamond pads on the market.

Set includes one of each of the following Diapad Diamond Pads:

  • Medium/Coarse (Red) - 74 micron, 200 grit
  • Medium (Yellow) - 40 micron, 400 grit
  • Fine (White) - 20 micron, 800 grit
  • Extra Fine (Blue) - 10 micron, 1800 grit

Diamond surface area for each pad: 90mm x 55mm.

Works best when used with water.

Customer Reviews

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Paul Gibson

I like these pads they are easy to hold and give great quick results.

Anne Stuart

This set of four hand pads are really useful, they give a smooth finish. I use them wet and have a separate container for each one. I then work through the different grades. They are easy to hold and control, they last well too.