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Essentially this is very similar to the pencil grip Toyo Super Glass Cutter that we tend to favour in our warehouse, but with the added benefit of a free-moving rubber grip which rests between your thumb and forefinger.  This allows you to put more strength behind each cut.

One supplied.

Please note you will need to use cutting oil with Toyo glass cutters, available separately.

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Dorothy Woods

Brilliant results! It fits comfortably to my hand and I'm able to get consistent pressure.

Judith Hannington

Using the pad you can put the weight of the cut through your palm rather than relying on your finger grip ... four different height positions for the pad to suit your cutting style and hand size. I do lots of curves and fiddly cuts and I find this cutter is as perfect for those as it is for straight lines.

Becky Wills

Of all the different styles of Toyo cutter I think this is just the comfiest one to use...very neat...I love it.

Amanda Hill

I am really glad I bought this item as was having problems gripping and putting pressure onto the more traditional pencil grip cutter. This cutter is so much easier I have good grip and pressure and it is easy to control. I have found it very easy to cut shapes with too. Definitely would recommend this product.