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Titanium Pen - subtly sign you work for a professional finish.

This titanium pen is different from most scribes because it writes by friction of the metal titanium point, leaving behind a metal deposit in a silver colour discretely on the surface of glass, quartz, ceramics, or vitreous enamels.

Leaves a fine line permanent mark but will not scratch, damage or weaken the glass and best of all it will last you forever!

For best results, wet both the tip of the pen and the glass before writing. This helps the titanium transfer a silver line to the glass.?

Customer Reviews

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Sonia De Anda

I think is the best and easy way to sign our work. The problem is that no many people know how to use it correctly. We only need wet the tipping point and the glass, and sign, and the titanium transfer a silver line to the glass.

Sharron Mcleod

Titanium pen. I've given it two stars because it does mark the glass but you have to press really quite hard and the effect is very scratchy looking and not easy to read. I bought it to sign my work with but I am going to continue looking for something else.

Becky Wills

A very worthwhile investment that will last you for ever (if you don't lose it!). Leaves a subtle silver signature on your work but doesn't create any stress or scratches as an engraving tool would. Works best if you wet the glass and the pen nib.

Maggie Bawden

This seemed alot of money for what it is at first but I'm so happy I bought it as I've been able to find a way of signing my work in a professional smart and discreet way. It's worth the money. Thankyou.