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The kit includes: 

  • 30 degree cut off triangle 
  • circle maker 1 1/4" to 15 3/4" diameter 
  • 45 degree cut off triangle 
  • 60 degree cut off triangle 
  • set of hole reducers 
  • 10" fully adjustable straight edge which fits anywhere on the work surface and gives a straight line in any direction 
  • 45 degree edger bevels edges for making perfect boxes 
  • 10 degree lamp wedge for cutting and beveling lamp pieces for a perfect fit on rounded forms

Customer Reviews

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Lily Woolrich

I bought this kit ages ago from Warm Glass and keep meaning to review. Wouldn't be without it. Brilliant for cutting straight lines in glass before or after fusing. Turn a failed cab into a new piece of art by trimming and shaping. No devit after either, so fine. Other shape accessories great too. Buy one!!!