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Colour Concentrates by Colours for Earth, exclusive to Warm Glass UK, are made of pure pigment and surrounded in a gel base. This ensures they can be used straight from the bottle and makes it velvety smooth to apply. These extremely versatile concentrates are perfect for adding detail and enhancing fired Colours for Earth paints or other glass

Each bottle is 1oz.

Product instructions:

  • Shake vigorously before use to ensure the pigment is mixed thoroughly, creating a liquid state. Dilute with water when applying.
  • For a glossy finish, thin the concentrates with water to apply over dry glass enamels on projects. Applying heavily, or in its purest form directly on the glass enamels, may result in a matte or semi-gloss finish.
  • Sift fine clear powder frit over the top to ensure a smooth finish.
  • Do not use directly on glass unless capping and following specific firing instructions. Using directly on glass will result in a matte finish that can be scratched off and will be non-food safe.
  • Do not layer the paint thickly otherwise it will create a rough or cracked finish.
  • Capping your piece: Use clear glass or clear fine
    powder to ensure it is food safe. When capping, make sure you clean the edges and cut the top glass slightly larger than the bottom glass - if the concentrate reaches the edge of the glass, it will not seal in that area. Sift clear powder between layers to help eliminate bubbles.
  • Colours can be set at 662°C with a 20 min hold so you can come back and work on top.
  • When using for brushstrokes and loading 2 colours on the brush at once, both colours need to be the same consistency. If one is thicker, dilute with water until they are the same.
  • Remember the CfE numbering system - if you used G361 (Green Leaf) to paint an area, don’t use CC161 (Green Leaf) as the colour concentrate as they are the same colour. Choose a lighter or darker concentrate depending on your design.
  • When using on Thinfire Paper, refer to the firing schedules on the handy PDF.

Techniques that can be achieved:

  • Watercolour washes for shading (make sure each application dries completely before additional applications).
  • Fine detailing.
  • Sponging.
  • Stamping.
  • Splattering.
  • Airbrushing.
  • Stencilling.
  • Brushing on for backgrounds.
  • Brushstrokes.
  • Stamping and brushstrokes on Thinfire Paper fused between glass.

Please note: These are not enamels - they are translucent underglazes, originally made for ceramic pieces.
Use with Colours for Earth Paints to create beautiful glass designs!

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