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6 discs of different grades are included in this set along with a foam backup pad with 3mm shank.  The finish is improved with each grade and the final result can be buffed with a felt pad and cerium oxide powder if required.

Polishing Disc Grades

Yellow (small dots) - Metal 400 Grit

Black - Resin 120 Grit

Red - Resin 200 Grit

Yellow (large dots) - Resin 400 Grit

White - Resin 800 Grit

Blue - Resin 1800 Grit

This is an affordable way to polish or grind your work. Its extremely easy to change discs over as each disc is backed by velcro. It's a must for any studio!

Please note this product can only be used with a cordless tool (such as the cordless Dremel) and NOT a plug in model like the 3000 series, due to the danger of electric shock caused by water splashing when cold-working.  

These discs should be used wet and on the slowest possible setting.  The discs will work at speeds up to 5000rpm as long as the velcro is in good condition

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Ideal low-cost entry level

I bought these and the Grinding Discs for coldworking miniatures. So far, they have been more than I could have hoped for!

Pay careful attention to the RPM - the MAX they support is about 5000. My Dremel 3000 is 10k upwards (using the flexi attachment to kwep water away) but I had great success with a cordless drill

Dawn Poizat

Absolutely do not bother with these. They come apart very easily. Initially they come with a dip in the middle so they're concave in shape. Therefore when you polish you're only using the outer part of the pad, which isn't great. They do after a day or two and after being wet Become domed instead! The black pad in the set came away from its backing after 2 minutes use. Apparently this level of quality is perfectly normal. A promised replacement on receipt of photos of this less than quality product Was to be sent by priory delivery so I would still meet my commission deadline. Photos sent immediately after the call finished. Heard nothing all the next day. Guess what? Chased up now wanting the product back and the quality is normal. Thank you so much for your less than sterling customer service. May I suggest that you invest in some training so all your staff are singing from the same hymn sheet and not messing about your customers. If this is normal for the level of quality of this product well you can keep it. Really unhappy with your level of service too.

WARM GLASS RESPONSE: I'm sorry that you were unhappy with the pads. Please remember to always use these discs on the lowest possible speed setting. Jodie asked for photos of the disc so that we could assess the product. She did not offer to send a replacement on priority delivery before receiving the product back so I am sorry if there was a misunderstanding about this. You then spoke to Veronica and informed her you no longer wanted a replacement. Once we receive the product back from you we will be pleased to issue a refund or replacement, whichever you have requested on the returns form. I hope this clarifies things and I am sorry for any inconvenience.