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These premium waterslide decals can be used with ceramic, porcelain, fusing glass and enamel. 

Once applied, these decals need to be fired in a kiln to 730-800°C. Remember to make sure your kiln is well ventilated up to 535°C (1000°F). 

Firing instructions are included with each purchase. We recommend using a
soft silicone rib tool to remove any air pockets when applying these decals.

Sheet size: 13.3 x 10cm

Letter/numbers size: Approximately 8mm high

Each sheet includes: 68 uppercase letters, 26 lower case letters,18 '&' symbols and 20 numerals.

Available in metallic silver and metallic gold.

The metallic decals are not suitable for the Firebox 8,
Firebox 8x6 or Firebox 14 models without a vent hole (older models), as you would have to open the lid to vent the kiln and in these models this would disconnect the lid lock and stop the kiln from firing. 

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Paul Lines

Bought these decals to put BRLR ( British Royal Legion Riders) on a plate l was donating to the BRLR to raise some money for the cause. Used the program that came with the instructions and they came out perfect , retained their silver look brillant.