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Manufactured in the UK, the solid build and high attention to detail make it one of the best kilns on the market. Ideal for a huge range of techniques including glass fusing, slumping, and casting.

The kiln comes with a 4-year warranty, covering all parts (including elements).

Why buy a kiln from Warm Glass?  

We have an experienced team who will support you every step of the way, including free technical help if you need it. Call us on 01934 863344, and we will find the best setup for you. If you find this kiln cheaper elsewhere, please contact us and we'll do our best to match it. 

Special features:

  • The floor of the Grand-fuser is made from high grade, lightweight insulation bricks that give both a structurally steady surface to place the work on and a thermally steady base to aid in maximum glass results.
  • "Infra-red" quartz heating elements, designed for high performance and effective insulation. This means your Hobbyfuser will make the crucial ramp from 700°C to 800°C in as little as 9 minutes.
  • The stainless steel lid is lined out with press-cut, non-ceramic fibre. This eliminates the risk of brick dust particles dropping from the lid and onto your glass.
  • A fast response thermocouple to avoid lag between the kiln temperature and the controller reading.
  • A British company, on hand to offer great advice and post-customer care.

For advice on choosing a kiln, visit our Glass Kiln Advice Page.

Technical Specification

Electrical: 12kw/50amp.

Single phase or 3-phase and neutral (240V/ 415V N). This kiln will all run on either single phase or three phase as standard and can be changed at any time simply by removing or adding a special link bar (that is provided with the kiln) to the mains connections. This should be done by a qualified electrician.

Maximum Temperature: 960°C.


  • Internal dimensions: 1300mm x 800mm x 320mm (w x d x h)
  • External dimensions: 1700mm x 1170mm x 1300mm (w x d x h)
  • Weight: 270kg unpackaged

Shelf Kit:

  • 3 x 430mm x 780mm kiln shelves
  • Props

A shelf will fit 84 x 10cm coasters.

CE certified.


The KCR32C controller is very intuitive to use
and comes with 9 sample programs preinstalled.

  • ‘Stafford’ British designed controller made for Kilncare.
  • ‘KCR32C’ controller with integrated body mounting bracket.
  • 32 fully adjustable programs with 32 segments in each program.
  • Up to 4-day delay start
  • KW usage
  • Temperature can be °C or °F
  • Keypad lock

Watch our video for how to use the KCR32C controller.

The KCR32CWIFI controller upgrade is available
in the optional extras.

If the kiln is situated in an area with a
reliable source of WIFI, the WIFI enabled controller will allow you to
view your firing progress and data through the kilncare webpage. This can be
accessed via phone, tablet, PC or Mac.

Delivery Details
  • We are pleased to offer free delivery for this kiln to anywhere in the UK (Mainland only, not islands)*.
  • Kilns are ordered directly from Kilncare and the current lead time is estimated at 6/8 weeks. Priority is not an option for this item, all other items ordered with the kiln will be sent separately.
  • For deliveries outside of the UK charges may vary. We subsidise delivery costs where possible, however some destinations may require an extra delivery charge in addition to the one calculated at the checkout. If this is the case, we'll contact you as soon as possible. 
  • Delivery is kerbside only and does not include installation. Please consider that you may need help to situate the kiln.
  • When ordering your kiln please state any access requirements at the delivery address in the special instructions.
  • Upon dispatch of the kiln, our team will be in touch to book a delivery day that is convenient with you. Delivery will be between 9am and 5pm on your nominated day unless requested otherwise. If you require a timed (AM/PM) or dedicated day (Saturday/Sunday) delivery this will incur a surcharge.
  • *If you are in a remote location or have restricted access and require a specialist vehicle, please be aware that this may incur a surcharge.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bev Brown

I love my Hobbyfuser drop out and it's very versatile. The controller is very simple and the warm glass instructional video really helped me overcome my controller fears, very very easy to use and adjust after the programme has started. However I cannot understand why it comes with bumpers around the walls, this makes loading the supplied shelf painful from barked knuckles unless wearing gloves; you can't make up on the shelf and then load into the kiln. I think I will have to buy a smaller shelf. It's easy to remove the layer of bricks for deeper work. The stand is excellent and although the wheels are expensive they are chunky; I've had to move the kiln a couple of times due to workmen and I can move and lock into position. This will be my one and only video but if buying again I would definitely get a clamshell.

WARM GLASS RESPONSE - Hi Bev, Thanks for your feedback. The easiest answer to this is to use slightly taller shelf posts to support the shelf. I hope this helps!

C Twomey

I bought this as was so happy with my HF3 (non drop out) and wanted both a second kiln and one in which to do drop outs. Was pleased to find it has extra bricks so inside is same dimensions as non drop out, unless you remove them to do a drop out, thus performs same as HF3 non drop out in full fuse, tacks etc. Works just as expected from the off. Fab piece of engineering, and British too.

Claire Munday

Had my kiln for a year now. When I purchased it I was not far off from being a complete novice in glass work. This kiln is easy to use and to programme your own schedules in. I bought the deeper version knowing that I would be progressing to drop outs. It is a good size for a hobbyist. Love this kiln.

Wendy Blake

Fantastic and versatile kiln. Well made and v easy to programme, even though has 9 set programmes to choose from. Prompt delivery after ordering Got it just 2 weeks after order -thank you kiln care and warm glass

Lisa Montgomery

Absolutely Fabulous.....I cannot wish for anything better .

Thank you Warm Glass.