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These powders can be used in a variety of ways to create sparkles inside the glass or as a mica lustre in a fused, blown slumped or lamp worked piece of glass.

Use as a powder, or try mixing with Glastac Glue and apply like paint.

Use mica with inclusion pens or flexi-glass for ultimate controllability. 

Mica is a mineral based powder (frequently used in cosmetics). It does not melt at firing temperatures but rather sticks to the molten glass. For best results, use between glass layers.

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Kate Gibson

I have tried this on top of glass which was mostly a waste of time and between two sheets of clear. Use sparingly! Superb shimmer great for Christmas decorations

Eddie Conor Byrne

I love this product and the effects you get from the finished piece is amazing. i made some Rough snowflakes with the Color de verre snowflake mold and then used a brush to spread the Mica powder on the flakes fired again to a tack fuse and then washed away the excess and the flakes now have a lovely sparkle. Great Product and would highly recommend experimenting with it.

Joanne Carthew

Gives a lovely sparkle. Great for Christmas themed items. I have used fused between two layers of glass and also fused to the top with great results. Be careful if fusing between two layers not to go too close to the edges.