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The 7pc Assortment pack has 1 each of: 0.75mm, 1.0mm, 1.25mm, 1.5mm, 1.75mm, 2.0mm, and 2.5mm diamond wire drill bits. The drilling process is more like grinding using a pulsing action so that the head never gets over heated.

The technique we use here at Warm Glass UK to drill small holes in glass using diamond wire drills is, SLOWLY:

  • Use a hand held rotary tool, we use the Dremel Flexible Shaft with the Dremel 3000 as this is safer near water.
  • Place the glass on a piece of wood with a lip to stop the glass rotating and to stop you drilling into the table.
  • Put the glass in a bowl of water so the water is just covering the glass.
  • Using the slowest speed on your rotary tool, bring the drill to the glass and apply a very small amount of pressure
  • Make a small indentation by drilling (you are actually grinding) from a 45 degree angle, this will prevent the drill from slipping.
  • Once you are comfortable that the drill has a firm location, make small doughnut movements with the drill.
  • Continue drilling using doughnut movements to flush the waste out and keep the diamonds cool.
  • When you are almost through, stop applying pressure and allow the drill to grind through the last ½ mm.
  • Small holes can now be opened out using the sides of the diamond wire drill.

Please note if you are using this with a Dremel multitool, you will need a multichuck tool in order to fit these drill bits.

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Ruth Lyne

A great way to buy a selection of drills to test which size is most suitable