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As Copper will react with a number of glasses, it's important to avoid contamination by keeping copper from touching the kiln shelf, better still, use a separate shelf for fusing with metals.

  • Can be cut with scissors and placed between layers of glass.
  • It will change colour if exposed to oxygen whilst firing and a variety of results can be achieved.
  • Also available, Gold or Silver Foils in 100 gauge.
  • 25.4 microns thick

Customer Reviews

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Susan Petrie

I've found if you sandwich the copper foil between a folded sheet of paper and then punch the design out it stops the foil from sticking to the punch.

Lucinda Dransfield

Loving this product, great value for the money, a sheet goes a long way. I read up on this and found that Boric acid stops the copper oxidising and keeps the copper keeps its original colour after firing.

I tested by

1) Sprinkling the Boric acid powder over foil coated in two places with glastac and shaking off the excess - although the copper kept its colour the test sample had a rough edge where residues/ gasses had escaped. The entire piece of copper had kept its original colour, not just the area covered in boric acid.

2) Mixing boric acid with glastac and applying thinly with a paintbrush in a line, this produced a pleasing result with the painted line keeping the natural colour of the copper and the unpainted area turning red.

A little boric acid seems to go a long way, it dries quite quickly after application.

Jessica Dewey

I love the effects you can get with this foil. Easy to cut and works great with the punches!

Sarah Keeley

I made a house number plaque cutting out the number and a chestnut leaf in this copper. I used opal white for the backing capped with clear, the colours are outstanding, exactly what I was hoping for with autumn russet colours on the leaf. I should get my post now!

Pat Mallen

I have used this for along time if you smooth it out with roller both sides the finish is lovely.

It' fires lovely shades of blues reds like oil on water .It's a great price for what it can achieve .Works well with large punches