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BubbleART by Colours for Earth are powdered coloured paints designed to create bubbles in art glass. The bubble paints are available in 25g pots and are all lead free and food safe once fired.

For the best results, mix with the Colours for Earth Mixing Medium to create an easy to apply paint.

  • Colours are lead-free (non-toxic).
  • Bubble designs can be controlled easily using a liner brush to create techniques such as lines and dots.
  • Control colour intensity – the heavier the colour is put on, the darker it will fire.
  • The hotter the project is fired, the bigger the bubbles.
  • Only mix what you need for less waste and more consistent bubbles.

Each pot contains 25g powder.

How to use:

Mix with Colours for Earth Mixing Medium to a cream consistency, shake pot well before mixing. Mix only what you need to use in a day. Must be fired in-between layers of glass to ensure bubble effect.  Fire to a minimum of 754C. Full fuse is recommended.

Customer Reviews

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Caroline Swettenham

This is a lovely paint, giving a clear bright mid blue. The thicker/ more you use deeper colour and larger bubbles, that's obvious. However, if it is too watery it will show on the glass prefiring but not once fired. Also, the Aqua Bubble is very close in hue more so than the image.