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This sheet of beach huts and deck chairs can be used as a sheet or cut out and used individually in a seascape scene. 

Please note, the sheet is cut as a square so some images may be cut in half. 

Beach huts are roughly 45mm x 35mm and deck chairs are roughly 25mm x 25mm.

Each sheet is 22 x 22cm

Firing temperature: 760-804°C

If your decal contains pink or red we recommend venting your kiln in the heating process (on the way up) for best results.

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Linda Hallwood

This is a really fun topic. I used individual pieces to make seaside pictures. I hate waste and am at a loss as to what to do with all the half huts and bits of armchairs that I was left with as they edged the sheet. Suggestions welcome. On the plus side the French vanilla suggestion was really helpful and formed a very complimentary background. As suggested by others the image fades with other colours. More fun and topical decals please such as boats, vw vans, butterfly, etc

Jenn Gowney

The print is a little bigger than I thought it would be but excellent quality and great colours.

Helen Lake

Lovely colourful designs with 6 different beach hut variations that are popular with my customers. Tricky to use as colours fade over yellow and amber transparent which would be preferable "realistic" sand colours. Works best on opaque white or vanilla then use yellow, marigold and tangerine frit to colour the sand areas.

Carol Dilley

I love these. They are so much fun. The colours are great. You can use so many different shades of glass to work with the beach huts, be it white, blue, green, even red. I like that you can also just use the deckchairs, or just the beach huts or just the star fish. The options are endless for these sheets of decals. This is my favourite new product this year so far :-)