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Smash up your scrap then separate it into individual grades of frit.

This set includes four sifting trays:

  • Each cup is 10cm tall
  • Screens are 11.5cm in diameter with the following mesh sizes:
  1. <0.2mm
  2. 0.2-1.2mm
  3. 1.2-2.7mm
  4. >2.7mm

Customer Reviews

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Jude Howe

This is very useful but agree it would be better with a base pan, especially as the powder is the most hazardous part. I also had to fashion a makeshift lid, so I could give the sifter a good shake.

Ann Walker

I've looked at these for a while and finally taken the plunge. Despite the size being on the page, I was surprised at how big these are.

I do agree that having no final catch-container that can be fitted to the bottom is a rather odd and annoying oversight, given the quality (and price!) of the sifters and that's why I've given them 4 stars, not 5.

Brodie Birss

Amazing, brilliant for making your own frit in varying sizes. could have done with a base tin for catching the powder, but that's not a difficult one to solve. Really effective product.

Gordon Croy

Good product. So easy to use. However you crush your glass, this helps you produce very uniform grades of frit and they are also very easy to clean thus avoiding any colour contamination.

Angela Rickman

This is probably one of the best things I have bought in a while. The construction is sturdy and it's has a bigger capacity than I was expecting. I can now grade my crushed glass by size. This helps to use up all the odd scraps of glass and make them into something really usable in my studio.