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This Medium/Coarse 3M Diamond Handpad is good for grinding the slightly more robust edges of glass before gradually working down the grades to achieve a smooth, polished edge.

Success in coldworking your glass art is often down to choosing the right tools. Hard-wearing diamonds are long-lasting and ideal for grinding glass. The diamond abrasive is resin bonded to a flexible rigid foam backing in a precise dot pattern for supreme durability and cutting uniformity. The open dot pattern permits debris and swarf to escape, so the diamonds keep cutting fast and sharp.?

Made by 3M these are the best quality diamond pads on the market.

Diamond surface area 90mm x 55mm. 74 micron, 200 grit mesh.

Works best when used with water.

Customer Reviews

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Doug Reeve

Really useful item and gives the perfect finish ready for fire polishing, everybody should have one of these

Helen Jackson

Just replaced my 'red' pad and am amazed at the difference. The loathed job of cold finishing is now a breeze. Had my old set for over 5 years and I now wish I'd not left it so long. Just brilliant. Yellow next...

Frank Brook

Very easy to use and more convenient then wandering over to your glass grinder if you have minor cutting defects to address. Also useful for roughening smooth glass surface (if gluing). This is the first pad I bought and was hesitant because of the price - but I now have a full set of all the grades. Highly recommended. Buy a full set!

John Marsh

I got this to take the sharp edges off the corners of coasters and it does the job perfectly... just a bit expensive, but I guess diamonds are.

Mike Edwards

This is one of the handiest tools I have so useful for just giving things that finishing touch, or I use it roughen the glass before I glue wall brackets on. I've had mine almost a year now and it hasn