Glass for Teachers

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Discounts for Teachers

We support glass art teachers with 10% Teacher Discount on Bullseye Sheet Glass, Accessory Glass, and Dichroic Glass.

This is available for those who offer glass classes for 12 weeks or longer, and includes classes outside of formal education. Ensure you have a registered account, then simply fill in the form below. A member of our team will confirm your discount eligibility.

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Technical Support

Teaching requires a great deal of knowledge, and our team at Warm Glass are always happy to advise, with free unlimited Technical Support on all of our products.

We also have a comprehensive Knowledge Base on our website, full of information, advice and inspiration. Why not try some of the projects as part of your teaching course?

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Learning to Teach

Expand your teaching capabilities! We have a huge variety of learning opportunities at Glass School, our official online education partner.

Take your students work to the next level with these inspiring online courses, from beginner projects to advanced masterclasses with internationally renowned teachers.

You can also book a Personal Studio Day specifically designed for Teaching in Glass - in our studio near Bristol Airport.

Maximum Discounts on Promotions
Discounts (Loyalty, Promotional or other) are not combined, and the highest discount will automatically be applied at checkout. For example, if the Loyalty Discount is 20% and the promotional discount is 25%, then the total discount applied at the checkout will be 25%.

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Discounts are reviewed periodically, and your discount may be lowered or removed if your spend falls below our criteria. Warm Glass UK reserves the right to change discount levels, remove discounts, or alter the discount programme without prior notice at any time.