About Glass Tools

About Glass Tools

We offer the highest quality range of glass cutting and handling tools.

At Warm Glass UK we encourage you to perfect the use of basic glass cutting and handling tools before investing in more expensive and specialised tools for glass work. We have selected a quality range of glass cutting tools, glass handling tools and power tools, which offer high quality and excellent value for money.

Glass Cutting Tools

A good oil filled glass cutting tool is central to your work and we recommend starting with a Toyo oil filled glass cutter as we have found Toyo glass cutting tools to be one of the best available at a fair price. Once you have perfected the use of basic cutting tools, investing in a ring saw will allow you to cut more intricate glass designs and complex curves.

Glass Handling Tools

Apart from glass cutting tools, the basic glass handling tools you will need are grozing pliers, running pliers and goggles, all of which can be found in our Hand Tools & Equipment section. A glass grinder is a very useful piece of studio equipment and should be used in combination with the basic glass cutting tools. 

In addition to the glass cutting and handling tools we have mentioned, a glass kiln is the only other major piece of equipment essential for glass fusing, glass kilns can be seen in our Kilns section.

Glass Slumping Moulds

For glass slumping and glass casting you will require glass slumping moulds, glass casting moulds, Pate-de-verre moulds and some high quality kiln wash, which is available from the studio supplies section.

For tips on cutting, please view our glass cutting tips in our Knowledge Base.

Our selection of books is steadily growing but our number one seller is still Contemporary Fused Glass by Brad Walker, an essential for every glass studio.

If you would like information on any tools which you do not see on our website, please contact us.

Glass Firing and Fusing Kilns

A glass kiln is the most essential piece of equipment for glass fusing and choosing the correct kiln can be quite difficult. Glass fusing kilns vary a lot, from very basic small jewellery kilns to large studio glass kilns.

Small Kilns

Small glass fusing kilns such as the Paragon SC2 are designed to be economical and practical. A small glass kiln is an excellent choice for the hobbyist or glass jewellery maker.

Medium Kilns

Medium sized glass kilns are designed for artists who want a glass kiln with a large chamber size which can be just plugged in. Round glass kilns, such as the Skutt HotStart Pro, offer the best space for the money, making them a good choice for people who want to try both kiln fusing and kiln slumping.

Large Kilns

Large glass kilns are generally for manufacture or production of large glass pieces. Before buying a large glass kiln, you will need to check it will fit into the studio and there is a sufficient power supply.

Free Expert Advice

We stock a number of glass kilns which are high quality and good value for money. Any glass kiln purchase is backed up by free advice from our technical department.

For more information and advice on glass kilns and fusing schedules visit the Knowledge Base or contact us.